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Colors: Blue and white

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 1938): 129-110-4 (.539)
All-time playoff record (since 1938): 0-0
Best season(s): 1971 (9-0) and 1974 (9-0)
Worst season(s): 1955 (0-3)
Best-ever state finish: State champions, 1971
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 96, at Ten Sleep (0), O24/1975
Largest margin of victory: 96, at Ten Sleep (96-0), O24/1975
Most points allowed, game: 66, vs. Cowley (Deaver-Frannie 21), O8/1954
Largest margin of defeat: 58, vs. Cowley (58-0), N3/1938
Longest winning/unbeaten streak: 15 games, 1973-75
Longest winless streak: 7 games (0-6-1), 1959-60
Longest losing streak: 7 games, 1938-39

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
1938six-manNorthwestJ.F. Stine1600.143DNQ4561989.3333.00
1939six-manNorthwestJ.F. Stine2300.400DNP626312.4012.60
1940six-manNorthwestJames Bulla2400.333DNP10217617.0029.33
1941six-manNorthwestJames Bulla3300.500DNP738612.1714.33
1942??James Bulla000DNP00--
1943-46--No team----------
1947six-manNorthwestA.L. Newton1400.200DNP8719817.4039.60
1948B six-manBig Horn BasinA.L. Newton4200.667DNQ414112323.5020.50
1949B six-manBig Horn BasinA.L. Newton6100.857DNQ42565836.578.29
1950B six-manBig Horn BasinUnknown2400.333DNQ416016326.6727.17
1951B six-manBig Horn BasinDale Dragich2500.286DNQ410521317.5035.50
1952B six-manBig Horn BasinAl Ketcham2500.286DNQ419925428.4336.29
1953B six-manBig Horn BasinAl Ketcham3200.600DNQ41557131.0014.20
1954B six-manBig Horn BasinAl Ketcham3300.500DNQ412718925.4037.80
1955B six-manBig Horn BasinAl Ketcham0300.000DNQ44412214.6740.67
1956B 11-manBig Horn BasinWendell Sheets4210.643DNQ31106615.719.43
1957B 11-manBig Horn BasinTony Vinnola5300.625DNQ31638720.3810.88
1958B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthTony Vinnola5300.625DNQ317512921.8816.13
1959B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer1510.214DNQ37514910.7121.29
1960B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer3300.500DNQ2729012.0015.00
1961B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer1600.143DNQ2382095.4329.86
1962B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer2600.250NO731729.1321.50
1963BBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer4210.643NO1177916.7111.29
1964BBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer6200.7509th1619620.1312.00
1965BBig Horn Basin NorthLee Kramer6200.7509th1939724.1312.13
1966BBig Horn Basin NorthDennis Dyvig5300.625DNP1258515.6310.63
1967BBig Horn Basin North (eight-man)Dennis Dyvig5300.625DNP18718723.3823.38
1968BBig Horn Basin North (eight-man)Dennis Dyvig5300.625DNP23714629.6318.25
1969BBig Horn Basin North (eight-man)Dennis Dyvig3500.375DNP19718524.6323.13
1970BBig Horn Basin (eight-man)Gary Johnson6210.7228th30417933.7819.89
1971BBig Horn Basin (eight-man)Dennis Dyvig9001.0003rd3547244.259.00
1972noneeight-man Big Horn BasinMike Hampton1700.125DNP13428516.7535.63
1973noneeight-man Big Horn BasinKen Boatwright6300.667DNP33425337.1128.11
1974noneeight-man Big Horn BasinKen Boatwright9001.0005th45010850.0012.00
1975noneeight-man Big Horn BasinKen Boatwright8100.889NB4726852.447.56
1976noneeight-man Big Horn BasinRichard Durbin4400.500NB22216627.7520.75
Game-by-game results

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