A few updates to the site made recently:

I fixed the location of the 1987 Class 2A championship game — it was in Upton, not Lovell. Thanks to Joe White for the catch on that!

I added Saratoga’s 57-16 victory against Hanna on or around Oct. 30, 1987; I added it to the missing games list because I couldn’t find a location, and I’m not exactly sure on the date.

I added Powell’s 19-6 victory against Red Lodge, Montana, on Oct. 1, 1939.

I added Laramie’s 36-6 victory against the Colorado State freshman team on Nov. 11, 1921.

I also fixed some things for the Oct. 12, 1979, game between North Big Horn and the Lovell JV. I originally had North Big Horn winning 26-24; the Lovell JV actually won the game by that score. It’s still on the missing games list because I still haven’t been able to pin down a location.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.

Two other updates I’ve made to the site:

First, I went through and changed all references from “Gillette” to “Campbell County” in reference to the Camels. Much like I’ve done with other schools who have gone by multiple names, such as Cheyenne Central, Natrona and a handful of others, I’ve made the change for consistency’s sake, so there’s no doubt as to which school I am referring.

Second, I’ve added 2021 schedules to all the individual team pages. They’re now ready to be filled in through November as game results roll in week by week. It’s always a fun update to make last year’s results part of the history and this year’s results part of the present. 🙂


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