The most recent round of updates includes two big updates tied to forfeits in both 1923 and 1991. I also updated several games tied to Lyman, Neb., after I found some helpful newspaper clippings from Lyman’s paper, as well as a couple other updates. The updates:

Natrona’s 1923 season: Researching some other parts of Wyoming’s sports history led me to new information on Natrona’s 1923 season. The Mustangs forfeited their entire 1923 season after the season was complete. The problem for Natrona that year was a player named Glenn Stanton, who the Casper Daily Tribune called “the best player ever seen on the Casper field.” Turns out Stanton faked his credentials to enroll at Natrona; he had graduated from high school in Montana two years prior. Administrators at the Casper high school didn’t realize they had been duped until the Christmas break. In a letter published in the Casper Daily Tribune, Casper high school principal C.K. Fletcher said when Stanton was confronted with the evidence, “he ‘beat it.'” But Stanton made good later, attending UW (and playing on the Cowboy football team), passing the bar exam, becoming an attorney in Rock Springs and eventually becoming a district judge. He died in 1968. As part of this update, Natrona’s 1923 victories against Lander, Worland, Riverton, Laramie and Douglas have been denoted as forfeits to those teams.

1991 forfeits: The WHSAA had a big crackdown on ineligible players in 1991, with five teams being caught using ineligible players. I had long known this, but I had not been able to pin down which games Douglas and Riverside had to forfeit during the season. But I’ve figured it out. With that, I noted that Douglas forfeited its victory on Sept. 6, 1991, to Glenrock and that Riverside forfeited its victory on Sept. 13, 1991, to Shoshoni.

Mountain View and Sundance also forfeited victories during the 1991 season — Mountain View to Thermopolis and Sundance to Wright. Those forfeits were previously noted on the site. Dubois was also hit with a forfeiture penalty for playing an ineligible player in 1991, but the Rams didn’t have any victories to forfeit at that point in the season.

I also encountered one other previously un-caught forfeit: I noted that Pine Bluffs forfeited its victory on Sept. 12, 1986, to Guernsey-Sunrise.


Other updates that I’ve made to the site:

I added the location and narrowed the date range for Huntley’s 33-6 loss to Lyman, Neb., on Sept. 14-16, 1967; I left it on the missing games list because no specific date could be determined.

I added the location for Huntley’s 19-7 victory against Lyman, Neb., on Sept. 26, 1958; it was in Lyman.

I added the location and date for Albin’s 46-6 loss to Lyman, Neb., on Sept. 21, 1951; it was in Albin.

I added the location for Cowley’s victory against Deaver-Frannie on Oct. 26, 1951; it was in Deaver. I left it on the missing games list because I still haven’t found a final score.

I added the location for the 14-14 tie between Lander and Midwest on Sept. 15, 1939; it was in Midwest.

I added the result for Sunrise’s 7-0 loss to Morrill, Neb., on Nov. 13, 1936.

I added Guernsey’s 8-6 victory against Lyman, Neb., on Nov. 2, 1934, in Lyman.

I added the location for Lingle’s 25-0 victory against Lyman, Neb., on Oct. 12, 1928; it was in Lingle.

I added the result for Sundance’s 27-0 loss to Spearfish, S.D., on Oct. 18, 1924. (This was the first game in Sundance’s program history.)

I noted the Nov. 5, 1920, game between Buffalo and Newcastle was not played.

I noted the Oct. 16, 1915, game between Cheyenne Central and the Colorado State JV was canceled.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


2 Thoughts on “Updates: Cheyenne Central, Natrona, Laramie, Douglas, Lander, Buffalo, Worland, Glenrock, Newcastle, Pine Bluffs, Riverside, Shoshoni, Lingle, Midwest, Guernsey-Sunrise, Huntley, Albin, Cowley, Deaver-Frannie

  1. Where did you get the info that Douglas forfeited a game to Glenrock in 1991

    I was the Ad in Glenrock and was never notified of this and I talked to Ray Kumpula and he was never aware of this. if it is so you will need to add 1 more victory to Ray’s record.

    Chris Gray

  2. Patrick on April 5, 2021 at 9:40 pm said:

    A story in the Star-Tribune the week of the WHSAA meeting in September noted the teams affected but not the games. I compared records in the end-of-year standings to what I had and the Glenrock game was the one where the standings worked out correctly.


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