One ramification of game and season cancellations is unbalanced schedules — something we now see in the Class 1A nine-man West Conference.

Decisions by St. Stephens and Wyoming Indian to cancel their fall sports have created unbalanced conference schedules for other members of the Class 1A nine-man West Conference.

In conference play, Greybull and Shoshoni have three home games against just one road game. Meanwhile, Riverside and Wind River have three road games against just one home game.

The helped: Greybull and Shoshoni.

  • Greybull: Home games against Wind River, Rocky Mountain, Riverside; road game against Shoshoni
  • Shoshoni: Home games against Rocky Mountain, Greybull, Riverside; road game against Wind River

The neutral: Rocky Mountain.

  • Rocky Mountain: Home games against Riverside, Wind River; road games against Shoshoni, Greybull

The harmed: Riverside and Wind River.

  • Riverside: Home game against Wind River; road games against Rocky Mountain, Greybull, Shoshoni
  • Wind River: Home game against Shoshoni; road games against Greybull, Riverside, Rocky Mountain

The easiest fix? Flip-flop the locations of two games. Have Wind River play at home against Greybull (Week 2) and have Riverside play at home against Shoshoni (Week 8). That would give everyone in the conference two home games and two road games.

Would Greybull and Shoshoni be willing to make those changes? Are Riverside and Wind River willing to ask?

More importantly: Is this the last time we’ll see this happen in 2020?

We may see more unbalanced schedules like this in 2020 if more games or more seasons are canceled. The 1A nine-man West may be just the first example.


The Wyoming High School Activities Association has built several different schedules to accommodate varying start times for a 2020 football season.

Right now, games are scheduled to begin on Aug. 28. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic sparking postponements and cancellations of events across the country, and with schools themselves trying to figure out how to best accommodate students, an on-time start to the football season is not certain.

The different contingency plans established by the WHSAA, shared with by WHSAA Commissioner Ron Laird, depend on when a safe start to the season can take place. For each week lost, the plans change.

Laird said Monday that each sport has its own potential contingencies set up for the fall if the start of the season is delayed or if time is lost during the middle of the season.

“We’re trying to play,” Laird said. “That’s the key. We want kids to be able to participate, and we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen.”

Football’s contingency plans

For football, the ramifications of late starts range widely. On one of the spectrum, a week or weeks of the schedule may be canceled. The later the start to the season, though, the more challenging the changes become, including eliminating playoff rounds, changing the date and location for championship games, and finding new ways to seed teams for playoffs.

The football season would start no later than Oct. 16. Scheduling championship games for the week of Friday, Nov. 20 — which would happen if the season starts any later than Sept. 18 — is also complicated by the University of Wyoming’s home football game scheduled with Boise State on Saturday, Nov. 21. In contingencies where championships are moved to the week of Nov. 20, the higher-seeded team will host the championship game. In Class 3A and 1A six-man, the East Conference champions will be the higher seeds, while in Class 2A and 1A nine-man, West Conference champions will be the higher seeds. However, if the two teams played each other during the regular season, the winner of the game will host the championship.

Class 4A could also move to a North-South conference schedule, with Sheridan, Campbell County, Thunder Basin, Natrona and Kelly Walsh in the North and Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Laramie and Rock Springs in the South. However, a move to conference play for playoff seeding is the decision of the 4A schools, not of the WHSAA, and may not come until after the season starts, Laird said.

Playoff qualification; uneven cancellations

More broadly, Laird said, if chunks of the conference schedule are lost, and teams can’t complete the conference schedule, the coaches themselves will meet to decide which teams will qualify for the playoffs.

Laird said the WHSAA members looked at a variety of power-rating or RPI methods to seed teems, including the one Wyoming used in the 2000s. Ultimately, they decided a coach seeding meeting would work best, similar to what coaches do for seeding for regional wrestling meets.

Laird said some arguments may develop — most likely between teams tied for a playoff spot — but said the coaches “would know best the teams in their conferences.”

Laird also said teams may need to prepare for uneven cancellations affecting the schedule; one district, or one county, deciding to suspend school or activities due to an outbreak does not mean other schools would follow suit. Consequently, some teams may play more games than others.

“There’s a good chance we’re not going to have competitive equity this year,” he said.

If such cancellations happen, Laird said any scheduled games would be counted as no-contest games, not as forfeits. Playoff seeding would still remain with coaches.

“We don’t want to penalize the school over something they have no control over,” Laird said.

Rescheduling games in such circumstances could also be a possibility, Laird said.

Also, schools that don’t reach the playoffs in a shortened season can schedule games with other non-playoff teams during playoff weeks.

Other considerations: Midseason changes, UW

While the contingency plans outline what would happen with late starts to the season, Laird said the WHSAA is also looking into steps to take if one week or a group of weeks midseason is lost.

“We’ve tried to ‘what-if’ it as much as we could,” Laird said.

Laird also acknowledged that if the University of Wyoming can’t play its football season as scheduled, “it’s going to be pretty tough for us to play.”

Football is not alone

Other fall sports will also feel ramifications of contingency scheduling, Laird said. For volleyball, cross country, golf and swimming, he said schedules may need to be shifted to avoid large invitational meets, where large numbers of people could mean a higher likelihood of contagion transmission.

Moving fall sports to the spring also remains a possibility, but Laird said “it isn’t as clean as that sounds. … It is basically the last, last resort. It will be a trickle-down if we move that, and then we’ve got to move other things.”

Particularly, Laird said moving fall sports to the spring would affect track and soccer for a second consecutive year, something he said he wants to avoid.

Laird said the WHSAA’s overall goal was to return students to activities “and do it safely for everybody.”

A breakdown of football’s plan

The WHSAA’s full contingency plan for football is here. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the schedule changes with each week pushed back:

  • Season starts Week 1 (Sept. 4): Zero Week contests are canceled, no make-up.
  • Season starts Week 2 (Sept. 11): Zero Week contests and Week 1 games are canceled, no make-up.
  • Season starts Week 3 (Sept. 18):
  • For 4A and 3A, Zero Week, Week 1 and Week 2 games are canceled, no make-up.
  • For 2A, 1A nine-man and 1A six-man, Week 2 games are moved to the week of quarterfinal playoffs, and no quarterfinal playoff round is played.
  • Season starts Week 4 (Sept. 25):
  • For 4A and 3A, Week 3 games move to the original week of the quarterfinal playoffs (Oct. 30). Playoff games are all shifted back one week, with championships scheduled for Nov. 20.
  • For 2A, 1A nine-man and 1A six-man, Week 2 games are moved to the week of Oct. 30 and Week 3 games to Nov. 6. There would be no quarterfinal playoffs, with semifinals on Nov. 13 and championships Nov. 20.
  • Season starts Week 5 (Oct. 2):
  • For 4A and 3A, all games are pushed back one week and week 3 games are moved to the original week of semifinals. Quarterfinal playoffs are eliminated, and semifinal games would be played Nov. 13 (the original week of championships) and championships Nov. 20.
  • For 2A and 1A nine-man, a six-game regular season, as the schedule would go Week 5-Week 6-Week 7-Week 8-Week 2-Week 3, with Week 4 games eliminated. Again, there would be no quarterfinal playoffs, with semifinals on Nov. 13 and championships Nov. 20.
  • For 1A six-man, a six-game regular season, as the schedule would go Week 5-Week 6-Week 7-Week 8-Week 2-Week 4, with Week 3 games eliminated. Again, there would be no quarterfinal playoffs, with semifinals on Nov. 13 and championships Nov. 20.
  • Season starts Week 6 (Oct. 9):
  • For 4A and 3A, a five-week regular season (with possible rescheduling in 4A), with the schedule going Week 6-Week 7-Week 8-Week 4-Week 5. Semifinals would be Nov. 13 and championships Nov. 20.
  • For 2A and 1A nine-man, a six-week regular season with a schedule of Week 6-Week 7-Week 8-Week 2-Week 3-Week 5. No quarterfinal or semifinal playoffs; conference champions would meet in the state championship on Nov. 20.
  • For 1A six-man, a six-week regular season with with a schedule of Week 6-Week 7-Week 8-Week 5-Week 2-Week 4. No quarterfinal or semifinal playoffs; conference champions would meet in the state championship on Nov. 20.
  • Season starts Week 7 (Oct. 16):
  • For 4A and 3A, five-week regular season (with possible rescheduling in 4A), with the schedule going Week 7-Week 8-Week 4-Week 5-Week 6. No quarterfinals or semifinals; conference champions would meet in state championship games Nov. 20.
  • For 2A and 1A nine-man, a five-week regular season with the schedule going Week 7-Week 8-Week 2-Week 3-Week 5. Again, no quarterfinals or semifinals, with conference champs playing in the title game Nov. 20.
  • For 1A six-man, a five-week regular season with the schedule going Week 7-Week 8-Week 5-Week 6-Week 4. Again, no quarterfinals or semifinals, with conference champs playing in the title game Nov. 20.


It’s a tradition ’round these parts to live in a fantasy world — one with reliable transportation, unlimited money and lots of free time.

How I would spend that time and money, come August/September/October/November, is on attending high school football games.

With a 2020 schedule in hand (and with an optimistic view that the season will still happen on schedule), here’s where I’d go to catch as many games, and as many good games, as I possibly could:

Week 0 (Friday, Aug. 28): East-West Jamboree, Casper, 11 a.m. Friday; Cheyenne East at Thunder Basin, 6 p.m. Friday; Big Horn-Buffalo scrimmage, 1 p.m. Saturday. The showdown in Gillette between the Thunderbirds and the ‘Bolts is the marquee matchup of the opening weekend. However, the East-West Jamboree, featuring nine of the teams in six-man nine-man facing off in Casper, will be a great opportunity to see how the classification might come together. Another scrimmage on Saturday between two teams that played in Laramie last year is a nice bonus.

Week 1 (Friday, Sept. 4): Rawlins at Lyman, 5 p.m. Thursday; Guernsey-Sunrise at Farson, 1 p.m. Friday; Mountain View at Evanston, 7 p.m. Friday; Snake River at Hanna, noon Saturday. The first two games are nice appetizers before the meal. The Mountain View-Evanston game is one of the most intriguing interclass games on the schedule in 2020, and then Saturday’s Carbon County duel between Snake River and Hanna is a reprise of last year’s six-man title game.

Week 2 (Friday, Sept. 11): Farson at Burlington, 2 p.m. Friday; Lander at Powell, 7 p.m. Friday; Ten Sleep at Meeteetse, 2 p.m. Saturday. The Northwest corner has some intriguing games in Week 2, including the Lander-Powell matchup that could be 3A’s most interesting early-season matchup. Both squads impressed last year, and I’d be curious to see how they stack up. Throw in a couple six-man games, and it’s a full weekend.

Week 3 (Friday, Sept. 18): Shoshoni at St. Stephens, 5 p.m. Thursday; Encampment at Farson, 2 p.m. Friday; Sheridan at Rock Springs, 6 p.m. Friday; Burlington at Snake River, 2 p.m. Saturday. Lots of options existed in Week 3, including the Oil Bowl, but I decided that seeing a pair of what should be awesome 1A six-man West games was too good to pass up. In between is a showdown between Sheridan and Rock Springs that should be better than people anticipate, and a Thursday nine-man Fremont County game is a nice bonus (but not the only one we’ll get this year).

Week 4 (Friday, Sept. 25): Shoshoni at Wind River, 7 p.m. Thursday; Hulett at Kaycee, 2 p.m. Friday; Rock Springs at Natrona, 6 p.m. Friday; NSI at Midwest, 2 p.m. Saturday. More six-man and nine-man fun at non-Friday night times is always cool, and the Rock Springs-Natrona game last year was a doozy. Several games with great potential dot the schedule for Week 4, so really, you can’t go wrong.

Week 5 (Friday, Oct. 2): Sheridan JV at NSI, 1 p.m. Thursday; Farson at Kaycee, 2 p.m. Friday; Torrington at Big Horn, 6 p.m. Friday; Guernsey at Hulett, 1 p.m. Saturday. We’re staying Northeast for this weekend of football, mostly because I want to see this Torrington-Big Horn matchup. Who knows? By Week 5, it may have lost some luster, but right now it looks like a really fun game. A bunch of six-man around it fills out the weekend.

Week 6 (Friday, Oct. 9): St. Stephens at Wind River, 7 p.m. Thursday; Cody at Star Valley, 4 p.m. Friday; Cokeville at Kemmerer, 6 p.m. Friday; Thermopolis at Lyman, 11 a.m. Saturday. Yes, I know, I can’t get to BOTH the Star Valley and Kemmerer fields in time to watch both games… but I can’t resist that Cody-Star Valley game, which always seems to be a good one. Everything else is gravy, even if it’s just the second half (or fourth quarter?) in Kemmerer.

Week 7 (Friday, Oct. 16): St. Stephens at Wyoming Indian, 7 p.m. Thursday; Lusk at Southeast, 2 p.m. Friday; Wheatland at Torrington, 7 p.m. Friday; Hulett vs. Hanna (at Midwest), noon Saturday. On paper, the Lusk-Southeast, Wheatland-Torrington and Hulett-Hanna games could all be huge in deciding conference championships and playoff seeding. Meanwhile, Thursday’s game is the renewal of a reservation rivalry that may not have the title stakes but might be the most meaningful game of the week.

Week 8 (Friday, Oct. 23): Glenrock at Tongue River, noon Friday; Thunder Basin at Sheridan, 6 p.m. Friday; Dubois at Ten Sleep, 2 p.m. Saturday. You’d be out of your mind to think I’d miss the ‘Bolts and the Broncs in the regular-season closer. The other two games are nice and close, and they’d bring a solid end to the regular season.

With this plan, I’d get to see 41 of Wyoming’s 65 programs play football. Thanks to the non-Friday-night scheduling, I’d see Farson four times and Hulett and St. Stephens three times each; I’d also see Thunder Basin, Sheridan, Rock Springs, Big Horn, Lyman, Torrington, Shoshoni, Wind River, Guernsey, Snake River, Hanna, Burlington, Ten Sleep, Kaycee and NSI twice each. I’d see every team in six-man thanks to its less consistent scheduling. And I’d put an extra 2,618 miles on my car, eat lots of sodium-filled gas station snacks and temporarily alienate my wife in the process. Worth it.


Updated 9:15 a.m. May 28 to fix an error in the Week 0 listing.

A handful of times in century-plus of Wyoming high school football, teams have scheduled each other one time for a regular-season contest only to never play each other again.

Many times, the one-and-done scenario isn’t played out a second time because the first game was so non-competitive that the schools realized the matchup was a bad idea in the first place.

Occasionally, though, teams scheduled each other one time, played a pretty decent game — and then never played each other again.

I compiled a list of these times — when two current programs played each other once, and only once, in the regular season in their histories. I found 79 such games. The games fell into eight categories:

  1. Teams punching above their weight in games in the 1920s and 1930s, when no one really fully understood the advantage big schools had.
  2. Games scheduled right before a program went away, either temporarily or for good, which disallowed a return game in the process.
  3. Games from 2013. (I’ll explain more on that in a second.)
  4. Games from 2019. Those involve Encampment, which just came back last year and hasn’t had a chance to play return games.
  5. Games that fall into that “mistake” category — blowouts of 40-plus points.
  6. Games that fall into the “too far” category — they weren’t blowouts of 40-plus points, but the trips were more than 250 miles one-way.
  7. Games that were actually decent matchups: within 250 miles, within 40 points.
  8. Games that were scheduled but never played because they were forfeited, and then never put on the schedule again.

I mentioned 2013, which ended up being a bizarre year for scheduling. If you’ll remember, that’s the year the Wyoming High School Activities Association had to put together a schedule that was more temporary than the rest. The WHSAA was deep in some reclassification discussions and put everything on hold for a year but still allowed teams to change classifications in football for the 2013 season before reclass fully hit in 2014, returning then to the normal two-year cycle. Consequently, the 2013 football schedule ended up with a lot of games that couldn’t be returned in 2014 as classifications and conferences changed the following year, including 10 games that were the only regular-season matchups ever between the participating schools.

However, of the 79 games that fall into one of these eight categories, eight 10 are on the schedule for 2020: Encampment’s games with Burlington, Midwest, Dubois, Meeteetse and Snake River; Lingle vs. Wright; Pine Bluffs vs. Riverside; Meeteetse vs. NSI; and St. Stephens vs. Wyoming Indian and Greybull.

Of the 16 games that I actually called decent matchups that might be worth seeing again, only three are probably feasible today due to classification changes since the games were originally played. None of the 16 games involved teams that are now in the same classification, but games involving 2A or 3A programs (where scheduling could actually make it happen) could be Cokeville-Jackson, Evanston-Pinedale and Pinedale-Worland.

Here are the times when current programs played each other one time and then never again, with the score of the game included and a $ mark indicating games we’ll see in 2020:

Punching above their weight in the early days
Gillette-Moorcroft 1922: Gil 58-0
Greybull-Natrona 1922: Nat 52-12
Greybull-Sheridan 1922: She 68-0
Glenrock-Natrona 1924: Nat 52-0
Cheyenne Central-Lingle 1925: CC 59-0
Green River-Saratoga 1926: GR 53-0
Powell-Ten Sleep 1926: Pow 72-0
Rawlins-Saratoga 1926: Raw 32-6
Rock Springs-Saratoga 1926: RS 47-0
Cokeville-Star Valley 1928: Cok 17-3***
Cheyenne Central-Lusk 1929: CC 38-0
Midwest-Rawlins 1930: tie 7-7***
Buffalo-Ten Sleep 1932: Buf 52-0
Hanna-Lander 1932: tie 6-6***
Cody-Ten Sleep 1933: Cod 25-0
Hanna-Natrona 1933: Nat 41-0
Riverton-Shoshoni 1933: Sho 6-0***
Kemmerer-Sheridan 1939: She 24-0
***-the little guy actually won, or tied

Programs be gettin’ canceled out here
St. Stephens 1965 (last season for several decades)
Buffalo-St. Stephens 1965: Buf 43-0
Greybull-St. Stephens 1965: SS 12-7 $
Kemmerer-St. Stephens 1965: Kem 12-0
Encampment and Farson 1990 (last seasons for several decades)
Big Horn-Farson 1990: BH win by forfeit
Burlington-Encampment 1990: Brl 21-0 $
Encampment-Midwest 1990: Mid 49-0 $
Farson-Lingle 1990: Lin win by forfeit
Hulett 2009 (played 2010 as a JV six-man)
Hulett-Lusk 2009: Lus 24-10
Hulett-Pine Bluffs 2009: PB 22-20
Rock River 2016 (hasn’t returned since)
Lingle-Rock River 2016: Lin 92-13

And then 2013 happened
Big Piney-Riverside 2013: BP 19-10
Burlington-Thermopolis 2013: The 40-26
Farson-Wyoming Indian 2013: Far 67-61
Guernsey-Sunrise-St. Stephens 2013: GS 85-0
Kaycee-Wyoming Indian 2013: Kay 77-26
Lingle-Wright 2013: Lin 35-18 $
Midwest-St. Stephens 2013: Mid 63-20
Pine Bluffs-Riverside 2013: Rsd 34-16 $
St. Stephens-Wyoming Indian 2013: WI 86-6 $
Snake River-Wyoming Indian 2013: SR 46-12

Too soon, man
Dubois-Encampment 2019: Enc 60-24 $
Encampment-Meeteetse 2019: Enc 45-15 $

Blowout mistakes (victories by 40-plus)
Lusk-Powell 1944: Pow 47-0
Cokeville-Farson 1988: Cok 48-0
Buffalo-Rocky Mountain 2003: Buf 42-0
Burns-Midwest 2005: Bur 60-0
NSI-Upton-Sundance 2012: US 48-6
NSI-St. Stephens 2014: NSI 59-12
Kaycee-Riverside 2016: Kay 56-0
Kemmerer-Rocky Mountain 2016: RM 47-7
Pine Bluffs-Wind River 2016: PB 41-0
Tongue River-Wyoming Indian 2016: TR 68-0
Rawlins-Wind River 2017: Raw 49-0

Ever look at a map? (victories by 39 or less but more than 250-mile trip one-way)
Jackson-Kelly Walsh 1966: KW 33-0
Lovell-Rawlins 1970: Lov 28-14
Sundance-Wyoming Indian 1986: WI 12-6 OT
Kemmerer-Worland 1988: Wor 12-0
Laramie-Powell 1990: Lar 48-13
Hulett-Wyoming Indian 1994: Hul 38-0
Hanna-Upton 1995: Upt 32-0 (played in Lingle)
Guernsey-Sunrise-Riverside 2002: GS 41-14 (played in Casper)
Glenrock-Jackson 2004: Glk 24-13
Newcastle-Rawlins 2004: Raw 21-13
Kemmerer-Lusk 2017: Lus 22-12

Hey that was actually a decent matchup (victories by 39 or less, fewer than 250-mile trip one-way)
Lingle-Newcastle 1937: Lin 13-12
Lander-Shoshoni 1950: Lan 40-25
Encampment-Snake River 1956: Enc 16-6 $
Moorcroft-Ten Sleep 1962: Mor 12-0
Big Piney-St. Stephens 1964: SS 13-0
Dubois-Mountain View 1968: MV 20-0
Cokeville-Jackson 1974: Cok 31-12
Evanston-Pinedale 1974: Eva 19-2
Gillette-Rawlins 1976: Raw 13-6
Lyman-Wind River 1976: Lym 32-0
Guernsey-Sunrise-Sundance 1978: GS 26-14
Greybull-Meeteetse 1985: Gre 39-6
Riverside-Thermopolis 1990: The 45-14
Greybull-Sundance 1995: Sun 14-13
Moorcroft-NSI 2004: Mor 26-14
Pinedale-Worland 2017: Wor 27-7

Good job, good effort
Meeteetse-NSI 2001: Meeteetse win by forfeit $
Wright-Wyoming Indian 2016: Wright win by forfeit


Updated 10:40 a.m. Feb. 25 to add St. Stephens-Wyoming Indian and St. Stephens-Greybull to the list of games that will be played in 2020.

When the 2020 and 2021 Wyoming high school football schedules came out at the end of October, we knew they’d be different.

Reclassification, paired with a new nine-man division to replace 11-man in Class 1A, meant changes were bound to happen.

However, from top to bottom, the 2020 and 2021 schedules are significantly different from schedules of past years. Some of those changes are welcome. Some are just different. Some are new. And some are just flat-out mistakes.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m seeing in the state’s schedules for the next couple years:


A fuller Zero Week. Many more teams are opting for games in Zero Week as opposed to scrimmages or jamborees, and I’m for it. I know, not all of you agree with my method for recording Zero Week games into the season records for programs, but I do like the tidiness a game provides, and I don’t mind seeing more games on the schedule.

Renewed rivalries. I love seeing some rivalries resurrected for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, with Thermopolis and Worland staging a Zero Week game, Greybull and Riverside playing a 1A nine-man West Conference game in Week 6 and Wheatland and Torrington meeting in a 2A East Conference game in Week 7. It’ll also be fun to see St. Stephens get Fremont County rivalries started with Wind River, Wyoming Indian and Shoshoni in the 1A nine-man West.

Travel is reduced — slightly. In the 2019 schedule, teams averaged 176.8 miles per away game, one-way, including 183.3 miles per conference game and 162 miles per nonconference game. In 2020, teams will average 171.7 miles per game, with conference games at 170.7 and nonconference at 175 — although those numbers may fluctuate slightly as teams add sub-varsity nonconference games in open weeks, especially in six-man.


Rivalry Week in 4A is dead. I kind of liked having all the big 4A rivalry games on one week, but those opportunities are now spread out across the season. The big ones in 4A are all in different weeks, with the Oil Bowl (Natrona-Kelly Walsh) in Week 3, the Coal Bowl (Campbell County-Thunder Basin) in Week 4, the Capital Bowl (Cheyenne Central-Cheyenne East) in Week 6 and the Energy Bowl (Sheridan-Campbell County) in Week 7. Although I liked rivalry week, it might also be nice to have that rivalry energy spread out in a variety of weeks — it might give each rivalry its own moment in the spotlight.


The 1A six-man East got shafted. In what was probably the most avoidable problem, most of the 1A six-man East Conference ended up with open weeks in both Week 2 and Week 3. That’s due to the unbalanced conferences in six-man, with six teams in the East and seven in the West. However, this imbalance could have been fixed by giving BOTH conferences eight-team round-robin schedules for conference play in the final seven weeks of the season; at least then, only one East team per week has an open week in weeks 2-7 rather than having five teams from the same conference all have an open week at the same time, which is pretty much what’s happening in Weeks 2-3. The scramble for JV games is on.

The geography of the 2A West. With the 2A West next year, there will be two pretty clear geographic divisions — north (Lovell and Thermopolis) and south (the other six teams: Kemmerer, Cokeville, Pinedale, Big Piney, Mountain View, Lyman). Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for the south teams to get one north team at home and the other on the road, right? Well… that didn’t happen. Cokeville and Mountain View get both north teams on the road, while Kemmerer and Lyman get both north teams at home. That flips next year… but no one should be put into an altogether avoidable situation.

Four-in-five scheduling. Three teams (Kelly Walsh, Laramie and Evanston) got scheduled for either four road or four home games in five-week spans. Kelly Walsh got four home games in five weeks in weeks 2-6; Laramie got four road games in five weeks in the same span. The game that’s not? Laramie hosting KW in Week 4. … Evanston also got four road games in five weeks in weeks 2-6. Yes, it’ll flip-flop for these teams next season, but no one should have to do the four-in-five even once.

Three-straight scheduling. Lander and Tongue River both open their seasons with three consecutive road games — although part of that was both schools’ choice to open with a Zero Week game on the road. Riverton, though, has three straight home games in weeks 2-4 next season, and that’ll be three straight road games in 2021.


At least 19 new series will start up in 2020. It’s always fun to see new opponents play each other. The bulk of the new series come from schools in new classifications and conferences, including Torrington, Upton-Sundance, Cokeville, St. Stephens and Encampment, although a couple other new series sneaked onto the schedule, too. The new series are:
Zero Week
: Star Valley/South Summit, Utah.
Week 1: Lusk/St. Stephens; Burns/Mitchell, Neb.
Week 2: Wright/Wyoming Indian (scheduled once before but was not played due to forfeit); Snake River/Encampment; Jackson/Hillcrest, Idaho.
Week 3: Torrington/Tongue River.
Week 4: Upton-Sundance/Torrington; St. Stephens/Saratoga.
Week 5: Cokeville/Thermopolis; Torrington/Big Horn.
Week 6: Upton-Sundance/Burns; St. Stephens/Wind River; Encampment/Ten Sleep.
Week 7: Glenrock/Upton-Sundance.
Week 8: Cokeville/Lovell; Torrington/Burns; Lingle/Greybull; Rocky Mountain/St. Stephens.
Zero Week matchups that could be scrimmages and not full games: Big Horn/Buffalo and Lander/Pinedale.

So what do you say? What’s your favorite — or least favorite — part of the schedules for 2020 and 2021? Leave a comment and let’s talk about next season(s) now!


The Wyoming High School Activities Association released the 2020 and 2021 football schedules to schools Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks to reclassification, the schedules are significantly different from the schedules used in 2018 and 2019. In all, 12 schools will play in different classifications next year, not including the teams remaining in Class 1A but shifting from 11-man to nine-man.

Although no teams moved into or out of Class 4A, Wyoming’s big schools will also have a new schedule. The traditional “rivalry week” was removed, with the Oil Bowl (Natrona-Kelly Walsh) scheduled for Week 3, the Energy Bowl (Sheridan-Campbell County) for Week 7, the Coal Bowl (Campbell County-Thunder Basin) for Week 4 and the Capital Bowl (Cheyenne Central-Cheyenne East) for Week 6.

Several non-4A schools scheduled Zero Week games against in-state opponents. Previously, Zero Week was left open by the WHSAA for non-4A schools so they could schedule their own scrimmages, jamborees or games as they wished. WHSAA Associate Commissioner Trevor Wilson said the non-4A Zero Week games on the schedule distributed by the organization did not reflect a change in WHSAA policy; he said non-4A schools who scheduled Zero Week contests for 2020 and 2021 simply had their Zero Week games added to the schedule released by the WHSAA.

Some nonconference scheduling for 1A schools was also handled by the WHSAA office, Wilson said. In 2017 and 2018, schools had made their own nonconference schedules; prior to that, the WHSAA scheduled both conference and nonconference games. This year, 3A and 2A schools met Tuesday to set their nonconference schedules, which were then released by the WHSAA office, while 1A nonconference games were set by the WHSAA, Wilson said.

A proposal to change the Class 3A conferences, as reported earlier this week, apparently did not gain approval. For 2020 and 2021, Buffalo will replace Torrington in the 3A East, but no other changes to the conference alignment will be implemented for the next two seasons, per the schedule released Tuesday.

The Class 1A six-man schedule has numerous open dates because of an unbalanced conference alignment, with six teams in the East Conference and seven in the West Conference. After Week 1, most East teams have open weeks in Week 2 and Week 3, when West Conference teams begin league play.

Locations for three out-of-state games involving Star Valley and one out-of-state game involving Lyman have not been determined.

Schedules were released much earlier than usual by the WHSAA office. Previously, schedules had been distributed during the statewide scheduling meeting in Casper in mid-November.

The 2021 schedule will be an inverse of the 2020 schedule, with locations flip-flopping for each game.

The 2020 Wyoming high school football schedule, both by week and by team, is here:

Week 0 (Friday, Aug. 28)
Class 4A

Cheyenne Central at Natrona
Cheyenne East at Thunder Basin
Cheyenne South at Kelly Walsh
Laramie at Sheridan
Rock Springs at Campbell County
Class 3A
Cody at Douglas
Riverton at Powell
Class 2A
Tongue River at Lovell
Big Horn at Buffalo
Lander at Pinedale
Thermopolis at Worland
Wheatland at Rawlins
Jackson at Teton, Idaho
Lead-Deadwood, S.D., at Upton-Sundance
Lyman vs. Malad, Idaho (location TBD)
Newcastle at Hot Springs, S.D.
Ogden, Utah, at Evanston
Star Valley vs. South Summit, Utah (location TBD)
Torrington at Gering, Neb.
Open: Big Piney, Burns, Cokeville, Glenrock, Kemmerer, Green River, Mountain View. All 1A nine-man and 1A six-man programs have open weeks.
Week 1 (Friday, Sept. 4)
Class 4A

Campbell County at Laramie
Kelly Walsh at Cheyenne Central
Natrona at Cheyenne East
Sheridan at Cheyenne South
Thunder Basin at Rock Springs
Class 3A
Lander at Green River
Riverton at Cody
Powell at Worland
Class 2A
Lovell at Big Horn
Pinedale at Glenrock
Tongue River at Thermopolis
Class 1A nine-man
Greybull at Moorcroft
Lusk at St. Stephens
Riverside at Pine Bluffs
Saratoga at Wyoming Indian
Shoshoni at Southeast
Wind River at Lingle
Wright at Rocky Mountain
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Hulett
Guernsey-Sunrise at Farson
Kaycee at Dubois
Meeteetse at NSI
Midwest at Encampment
Snake River at Hanna
Douglas at Torrington
Evanston JV at Big Piney
Kemmerer at Green River JV
Mountain View at Evanston
Newcastle at Buffalo
Rawlins at Lyman
Burns at Mitchell, Neb.
Jackson at Bear Lake, Utah
Rich County, Utah, at Cokeville
Star Valley vs. Preston, Idaho (location TBD)
Open: Ten Sleep, Upton-Sundance, Wheatland.
Week 2 (Friday, Sept. 11)
Class 4A

Cheyenne Central at Sheridan
Cheyenne East at Campbell County
Cheyenne South at Thunder Basin
Laramie at Natrona
Rock Springs at Kelly Walsh
Class 3A
Buffalo at Green River
Evanston at Riverton
Lander at Powell
Worland at Cody
Class 2A
Big Piney at Thermopolis
Glenrock at Torrington
Lyman at Cokeville
Mountain View at Lovell
Pinedale at Kemmerer
Tongue River at Burns
Upton-Sundance at Newcastle
Wheatland at Big Horn
Class 1A nine-man
Lingle at Southeast
Moorcroft at Saratoga
Pine Bluffs at Lusk
Rocky Mountain at Shoshoni
St. Stephens at Riverside
Wind River at Greybull
Wyoming Indian at Wright
Class 1A six-man
Dubois at Midwest
Farson at Burlington
Kaycee at NSI
Snake River at Encampment
Ten Sleep at Meeteetse
Douglas at Belle Fourche, S.D.
Hillcrest, Idaho, at Jackson
Moffat County, Colo., at Rawlins
Star Valley vs. Sugar-Salem, Idaho (location TBD)
Open: Guernsey-Sunrise, Hanna, Hulett.
Week 3 (Friday, Sept. 18)
Class 4A

Campbell County at Cheyenne South
Laramie at Cheyenne East
Natrona at Kelly Walsh
Sheridan at Rock Springs
Thunder Basin at Cheyenne Central
Class 3A
Cody at Buffalo
Evanston at Lander
Green River at Worland
Jackson at Riverton
Powell at Douglas
Rawlins at Star Valley
Class 2A
Big Horn at Newcastle
Big Piney at Pinedale
Burns at Glenrock
Cokeville at Mountain View
Lovell at Lyman
Thermopolis at Kemmerer
Torrington at Tongue River
Wheatland at Upton-Sundance
Class 1A nine-man
Greybull at Wyoming Indian
Lusk at Moorcroft
Riverside at Rocky Mountain
Saratoga at Pine Bluffs
Shoshoni at St. Stephens
Southeast at Wind River
Wright at Lingle
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Snake River
Encampment at Farson
Meeteetse at Dubois
NSI at Ten Sleep
Open: Guernsey-Sunrise, Hanna, Hulett, Kaycee, Midwest.
Week 4 (Friday, Sept. 25)
Class 4A

Campbell County at Thunder Basin
Cheyenne Central at Cheyenne South
Cheyenne East at Sheridan
Kelly Walsh at Laramie
Rock Springs at Natrona
Class 3A
Buffalo at Rawlins
Cody at Powell
Douglas at Riverton
Green River at Evanston
Star Valley at Jackson
Worland at Lander
Class 2A
Big Horn at Burns
Glenrock at Wheatland
Kemmerer at Mountain View
Lyman at Big Piney
Newcastle at Tongue River
Pinedale at Cokeville
Thermopolis at Lovell
Upton-Sundance at Torrington
Class 1A nine-man
Lingle at Lusk
Moorcroft at Wright
Rocky Mountain at Greybull
Shoshoni at Wind River
Southeast at Pine Bluffs
St. Stephens at Saratoga
Wyoming Indian at Riverside
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Meeteetse
Farson at Ten Sleep
Hanna at Guernsey-Sunrise
Hulett at Kaycee
NSI at Midwest
Snake River at Dubois
Open: Encampment.
Week 5 (Friday, Oct. 2)
Class 4A

Cheyenne Central at Campbell County
Cheyenne South at Cheyenne East
Laramie at Rock Springs
Sheridan at Natrona
Thunder Basin at Kelly Walsh
Class 3A
Evanston at Cody
Jackson at Green River
Lander at Douglas
Riverton at Buffalo
Star Valley at Powell
Worland at Rawlins
Class 2A
Burns at Wheatland
Cokeville at Thermopolis
Kemmerer at Lyman
Lovell at Big Piney
Mountain View at Pinedale
Newcastle at Glenrock
Tongue River at Upton-Sundance
Torrington at Big Horn
Class 1A nine-man
Greybull at St. Stephens
Lusk at Wright
Moorcroft at Southeast
Pine Bluffs at Shoshoni
Saratoga at Lingle
Wind River at Riverside
Wyoming Indian at Rocky Mountain
Class 1A six-man
Dubois at Burlington
Farson at Kaycee
Guernsey-Sunrise at Hulett
Meeteetse at Encampment
Midwest at Hanna
Ten Sleep at Snake River
Open: NSI. 
Week 6 (Friday, Oct. 9)
Class 4A

Cheyenne East at Cheyenne Central
Laramie at Thunder Basin
Natrona at Campbell County
Rock Springs at Cheyenne South
Sheridan at Kelly Walsh
Class 3A
Buffalo at Worland
Cody at Star Valley
Evanston at Jackson
Lander at Riverton
Powell at Green River
Rawlins at Douglas
Class 2A
Big Horn at Glenrock
Big Piney at Mountain View
Cokeville at Kemmerer
Pinedale at Lovell
Thermopolis at Lyman
Torrington at Newcastle
Upton-Sundance at Burns
Wheatland at Tongue River
Class 1A nine-man
Lingle at Moorcroft
Riverside at Greybull
Rocky Mountain at Lusk
Shoshoni at Wyoming Indian
Southeast at Saratoga
St. Stephens at Wind River
Wright at Pine Bluffs
Class 1A six-man
Dubois at Farson
Encampment at Ten Sleep
Hanna at NSI
Hulett at Midwest
Kaycee at Guernsey-Sunrise
Snake River at Meeteetse
Open: Burlington.
Week 7 (Friday, Oct. 16)
Class 4A

Campbell County at Sheridan
Cheyenne South at Laramie
Kelly Walsh at Cheyenne East
Thunder Basin at Natrona
Rock Springs at Cheyenne Central
Class 3A
Douglas at Buffalo
Green River at Cody
Jackson at Powell
Rawlins at Lander
Riverton at Worland
Star Valley at Evanston
Class 2A
Big Piney at Cokeville
Burns at Newcastle
Glenrock at Upton-Sundance
Lovell at Kemmerer
Lyman at Pinedale
Mountain View at Thermopolis
Tongue River at Big Horn
Wheatland at Torrington
Class 1A nine-man
Greybull at Shoshoni
Lusk at Southeast
Moorcroft at Riverside
Pine Bluffs at Lingle
St. Stephens at Wyoming Indian
Wind River at Rocky Mountain
Wright at Saratoga
Class 1A six-man
Encampment at Dubois
NSI at Guernsey-Sunrise
Hulett at Hanna
Meeteetse at Farson
Midwest at Kaycee
Ten Sleep at Burlington
Open: Snake River.
Week 8 (Friday, Oct. 23)
Class 4A

Cheyenne Central at Laramie
Cheyenne East at Rock Springs
Kelly Walsh at Campbell County
Natrona at Cheyenne South
Thunder Basin at Sheridan
Class 3A
Buffalo at Lander
Cody at Jackson
Green River at Star Valley
Powell at Evanston
Riverton at Rawlins
Worland at Douglas
Class 2A
Big Horn at Upton-Sundance
Cokeville at Lovell
Glenrock at Tongue River
Kemmerer at Big Piney
Lyman at Mountain View
Newcastle at Wheatland
Thermopolis at Pinedale
Torrington at Burns
Class 1A nine-man
Lingle at Greybull
Pine Bluffs at Moorcroft
Riverside at Shoshoni
Rocky Mountain at St. Stephens
Saratoga at Lusk
Southeast at Wright
Wyoming Indian at Wind River
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Encampment
Dubois at Ten Sleep
Farson at Snake River
Guernsey-Sunrise at Midwest
Hanna at Kaycee
NSI at Hulett
Open: Meeteetse.
By team
Class 4A
Campbell County
: vs. Rock Springs; at Laramie; vs. Cheyenne East; at Cheyenne South; at Thunder Basin; vs. Cheyenne Central; vs. Natrona; at Sheridan; vs. Kelly Walsh.
Cheyenne Central: at Natrona; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Sheridan; vs. Thunder Basin; at Cheyenne South; at Campbell County; vs. Cheyenne East; vs. Rock Springs; at Laramie.
Cheyenne East: at Thunder Basin; vs. Natrona; at Campbell County; vs. Laramie; at Sheridan; vs. Cheyenne South; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Rock Springs.
Cheyenne South: at Kelly Walsh; vs. Sheridan; at Thunder Basin; vs. Campbell County; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne East; vs. Rock Springs; at Laramie; vs. Natrona.
Kelly Walsh: vs. Cheyenne South; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Rock Springs; vs. Natrona; at Laramie; vs. Thunder Basin; vs. Sheridan; at Cheyenne East; at Campbell County.
Laramie: at Sheridan; vs. Campbell County; at Natrona; at Cheyenne East; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Rock Springs; at Thunder Basin; vs. Cheyenne South; vs. Cheyenne Central.
Natrona: vs. Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne East; vs. Laramie; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Rock Springs; vs. Sheridan; at Campbell County; vs. Thunder Basin; at Cheyenne South.
Rock Springs: at Campbell County; vs. Thunder Basin; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Sheridan; at Natrona; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne South; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Cheyenne East.
Sheridan: vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne South; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Rock Springs; vs. Cheyenne East; at Natrona; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Campbell County; vs. Thunder Basin.
Thunder Basin: vs. Cheyenne East; at Rock Springs; vs. Cheyenne South; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Campbell County; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Laramie; at Natrona; at Sheridan.

Class 3A East
: vs. Big Horn; vs. Newcastle; at Green River; vs. Cody; at Rawlins; vs. Riverton; at Worland; vs. Douglas; at Lander.
Douglas: vs. Cody; at Torrington; at Belle Fourche, S.D.; vs. Powell; at Riverton; vs. Lander; vs. Rawlins; at Buffalo; vs. Worland.
Lander: at Pinedale; at Green River; at Powell; vs. Evanston; vs. Worland; at Douglas; at Riverton; vs. Rawlins; vs. Buffalo.
Rawlins: vs. Wheatland; at Lyman; vs. Moffat County, Colo.; at Star Valley; vs. Buffalo; vs. Worland; at Douglas; at Lander; vs. Riverton.
Riverton: at Powell; at Cody; vs. Evanston; vs. Jackson; vs. Douglas; at Buffalo; vs. Lander; at Worland; at Rawlins.
Worland: vs. Thermopolis; vs. Powell; at Cody; vs. Green River; at Lander; at Rawlins; vs. Buffalo; vs. Riverton; at Douglas.
Class 3A West
: at Douglas; vs. Riverton; vs. Worland; at Buffalo; at Powell; vs. Evanston; at Star Valley; vs. Green River; at Jackson.
Evanston: vs. Ogden, Utah; vs. Mountain View; at Riverton; at Lander; vs. Green River; at Cody; at Jackson; vs. Star Valley; vs. Powell.
Green River: Open, vs. Lander; vs. Buffalo; at Worland; at Evanston; vs. Jackson; vs. Powell; at Cody; at Star Valley.
Jackson: at Teton, Idaho; at Bear Lake, Utah; vs. Hillcrest, Idaho; at Riverton; vs. Star Valley; at Green River; vs. Evanston; at Powell; vs. Cody.
Powell: vs. Riverton; at Worland; vs. Lander; at Douglas; vs. Cody; vs. Star Valley; at Green River; vs. Jackson; at Evanston.
Star Valley: vs. South Summit, Utah (location TBD); vs. Preston, Idaho (location TBD); vs. Sugar-Salem, Idaho (location TBD); vs. Rawlins; at Jackson; at Powell; vs. Cody; at Evanston; vs. Green River.

Class 2A East
Big Horn
: at Buffalo; vs. Lovell; vs. Wheatland; at Newcastle; at Burns; vs. Torrington; at Glenrock; vs. Tongue River; at Upton-Sundance.
Burns: Open; at Mitchell, Neb.; vs. Tongue River; at Glenrock; vs. Big Horn; at Wheatland; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Newcastle; vs. Torrington.
Glenrock: Open; vs. Pinedale; at Torrington; vs. Burns; at Wheatland; vs. Newcastle; vs. Big Horn; at Upton-Sundance; at Tongue River.
Newcastle: at Hot Springs, S.D.; at Buffalo; vs. Upton-Sundance; vs. Big Horn; at Tongue River; at Glenrock; vs. Torrington; vs. Burns; at Wheatland.
Tongue River: at Lovell; at Thermopolis; at Burns; vs. Torrington; vs. Newcastle; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Wheatland; at Big Horn; vs. Glenrock.
Torrington: at Gering, Neb.; vs. Douglas; vs. Glenrock; at Tongue River; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Big Horn; at Newcastle; vs. Wheatland; at Burns.
Upton-Sundance: vs. Lead, S.D.; Open; at Newcastle; vs. Wheatland; at Torrington; vs. Tongue River; at Burns; vs. Glenrock; vs. Big Horn.
Wheatland: at Rawlins; Open; at Big Horn; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Glenrock; vs. Burns; at Tongue River; at Torrington; vs. Newcastle.
Class 2A West
Big Piney
: Open; vs. Evanston JV; at Thermopolis; at Pinedale; vs. Lyman; vs. Lovell; at Mountain View; at Cokeville; vs. Kemmerer.
Cokeville: Open; vs. Rich County, Utah; vs. Lyman; at Mountain View; vs. Pinedale; at Thermopolis; at Kemmerer; vs. Big Piney; at Lovell.
Kemmerer: Open; at Green River JV; vs. Pinedale; vs. Thermopolis; at Mountain View; at Lyman; vs. Cokeville; vs. Lovell; at Big Piney.
Lovell: vs. Tongue River; at Big Horn; vs. Mountain View; at Lyman; vs. Thermopolis; at Big Piney; vs. Pinedale; at Kemmerer; vs. Cokeville.
Lyman: vs. Malad, Idaho (location TBD); vs. Rawlins; at Cokeville; vs. Lovell; at Big Piney; vs. Kemmerer; vs. Thermopolis; at Pinedale; at Mountain View.
Mountain View: Open; at Evanston; at Lovell; vs. Cokeville; vs. Kemmerer; at Pinedale; vs. Big Piney; at Thermopolis; vs. Lyman.
Pinedale: vs. Lander; at Glenrock; at Kemmerer; vs. Big Piney; at Cokeville; vs. Mountain View; at Lovell; vs. Lyman; vs. Thermopolis.
Thermopolis: at Worland; vs. Tongue River; vs. Big Piney; at Kemmerer; at Lovell; vs. Cokeville; at Lyman; vs. Mountain View; at Pinedale.

Class 1A nine-man East (no Zero Week scheduled)
: vs. Wind River; at Southeast; vs. Wright; at Lusk; vs. Saratoga; at Moorcroft; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Greybull.
Moorcroft: vs. Greybull; at Saratoga; vs. Lusk; at Wright; at Southeast; vs. Lingle; at Riverside; vs. Pine Bluffs.
Lusk: at St. Stephens; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Moorcroft; vs. Lingle; at Wright; vs. Rocky Mountain; at Southeast; vs. Saratoga. 
Pine Bluffs: vs. Riverside; at Lusk; vs. Saratoga; vs. Southeast; at Shoshoni; vs. Wright; at Lingle; at Moorcroft. 
Saratoga: at Wyoming Indian; vs. Moorcroft; at Pine Bluffs; vs. St. Stephens; at Lingle; vs. Southeast; vs. Wright; at Lusk.
Southeast: vs. Shoshoni; vs. Lingle; at Wind River; at Pine Bluffs; vs. Moorcroft; at Saratoga; vs. Lusk; at Wright. 
Wright: at Rocky Mountain; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Lingle; vs. Moorcroft; vs. Lusk; at Pine Bluffs; at Saratoga; vs. Southeast. 
Class 1A nine-man West (no Zero Week scheduled)
: at Moorcroft; vs. Wind River; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Rocky Mountain; at St. Stephens; vs. Riverside; at Shoshoni; vs. Lingle. 
Riverside: at Pine Bluffs; vs. St. Stephens; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Wyoming Indian; vs. Wind River; at Greybull; vs. Moorcroft; at Shoshoni.
Rocky Mountain: vs. Wright; at Shoshoni; vs. Riverside; at Greybull; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Lusk; vs. Wind River; at St. Stephens. 
Shoshoni: at Southeast; vs. Rocky Mountain; at St. Stephens; at Wind River; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Greybull; vs. Riverside. 
St. Stephens: vs. Lusk; at Riverside; vs. Shoshoni; at Saratoga; vs. Greybull; at Wind River; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Rocky Mountain. 
Wind River: at Lingle; at Greybull; vs. Southeast; vs. Shoshoni; at Riverside; vs. St. Stephens; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Wyoming Indian. 
Wyoming Indian: vs. Saratoga; at Wright; vs. Greybull; at Riverside; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Shoshoni; vs. St. Stephens; at Wind River. 

Class 1A six-man East (no Zero Week scheduled)
: at Farson; Open; Open; vs. Hanna; at Hulett; vs. Kaycee; vs. NSI; at Midwest.
Hanna: vs. Snake River; Open; Open; at Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Midwest; at NSI; vs. Hulett; at Kaycee. 
Hulett: vs. Burlington; Open; Open; at Kaycee; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise; at Midwest; at Hanna; vs. NSI.
Kaycee: at Dubois; at NSI; Open; vs. Hulett; vs. Farson; at Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Midwest; vs. Hanna.
Midwest: at Encampment; vs. Dubois; Open; vs. NSI; at Hanna; vs. Hulett; at Kaycee; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise. 
NSI: vs. Meeteetse; vs. Kaycee; at Ten Sleep; at Midwest; Open; vs. Hanna; at Guernsey-Sunrise; at Hulett.
Class 1A six-man West (no Zero Week scheduled)
: at Hulett; vs. Farson; at Snake River; at Meeteetse; vs. Dubois; Open; vs. Ten Sleep; at Encampment.
Dubois: vs. Kaycee; at Midwest; vs. Meeteetse; vs. Snake River; at Burlington; at Farson; vs. Encampment; at Ten Sleep.
Encampment: vs. Midwest; vs. Snake River; at Farson; Open; vs. Meeteetse; at Ten Sleep; at Dubois; vs. Burlington. 
Farson: vs. Guernsey-Sunrise; at Burlington; vs. Encampment; at Ten Sleep; at Kaycee; vs. Dubois; vs. Meeteetse; at Snake River.
Meeteetse: at NSI; vs. Ten Sleep; at Dubois; vs. Burlington; at Encampment; vs. Snake River; at Farson; Open. 
Snake River: at Hanna; at Encampment; vs. Burlington; at Dubois; vs. Ten Sleep; at Meeteetse; Open; vs. Farson.
Ten Sleep: Open; at Meeteetse; vs. NSI; vs. Farson; at Snake River; vs. Encampment; at Burlington; vs. Dubois.

This post was updated at 7:37 p.m. MDT Oct. 31 to reflect a new game in Week 5 between Kaycee and Farson and the moving of the Kaycee-NSI game from Week 5 to Week 2.

This post was updated at 10:37 a.m. MST Nov. 24 to correct an error in the Week 4 listings for the 1A nine-man West.


Class 3A could see a shift in its football conference alignments for 2020 and 2021, with Powell and Cody switching places with Rawlins and Lander.

Such a move would lower overall travel but would put Fremont County rivals Riverton and Lander in separate conferences.

The proposed conference alignment would have Rawlins and Lander join Jackson, Star Valley, Evanston and Green River in a modified West Conference, while Powell and Cody would join Worland, Buffalo, Riverton and Douglas in a modified East Conference.

The proposal was confirmed in separate emails from four current Class 3A coaches to However, their understandings of the proposal ranged from “nothing super concrete” to “a done deal.”

One coach said the new proposal would help eliminate overnight travel for conference games for all teams. The necessity to travel through Yellowstone Park for conference games would also be reduced.

The potential move is precipitated in part by reclassification, which brings Buffalo’s return to 3A and Torrington’s move to Class 2A for both 2020 and 2021.

Below is a table of the mileage between 3A high schools, showing only the distances between schools that could be in the same conference in 2020. One-way distances here are calculated “through the park,” where teams take shorter trips going through Yellowstone when possible.


Total conference travel distances for respective teams would change with new conferences, with equal teams seeing more and less travel but with overall travel reduced.

With the old alignment, with Buffalo replacing Torrington in the East Conference and no other changes, teams would have averaged a total of 907 miles to their conference destinations; with the new alignment, teams would average a total of 818 miles to their conference foes, a reduction about 91 miles per school.

Schools with more travel would include:
Jackson: Old alignment, 831 miles; new alignment, 892 miles.
Star Valley: Old alignment, 878 miles; new alignment, 880 miles.
Rawlins: Old alignment, 859 miles; new alignment, 1,038 miles.
Riverton: Old alignment, 596 miles; new alignment, 744 miles.
Douglas: Old alignment, 918 miles; new alignment, 1,104 miles.
Lander: Old alignment, 673 miles; new alignment, 856 mies.

Schools with less travel would include:
Evanston: Old alignment, 1,163 miles; new alignment, 826 miles.
Green River: Old alignment, 1,062 miles; new alignment, 714 miles.
Cody: Old alignment, 1,110 miles; new alignment, 698 miles.
Powell: Old alignment, 1,206 miles; new alignment, 721 miles.
Worland: Old alignment, 722 miles; new alignment, 573 miles.
Buffalo: Old alignment, 866 miles; new alignment, 768 miles.

The WHSAA will release the conference portion of the 2020 football schedule at the statewide scheduling meeting Nov. 19-20 in Casper.


Here are the projected quarterfinal playoff matchups for 2019. Official brackets will be released later by the Wyoming High School Activities Association, including game dates and kickoff times.

The top overall seeds are the West Conference champions (3A, 1A six-man) and the East Conference champions (2A, 1A 11-man).

Nov. 1-2
Class 4A
(8) Gillette at (1) Thunder Basin
(5) Natrona at (4) Cheyenne East
(7) Kelly Walsh at (2) Sheridan
(6) Rock Springs at (3) Cheyenne Central
Class 3A
(4E) Douglas at (1W) Star Valley
(3W) Jackson at (2E) Riverton
(4W) Powell at (1E) Lander
(3E) Worland at (2W) Cody
Class 2A
(4W) Lovell at (1E) Buffalo
(3E) Thermopolis at (2W) Lyman
(4E) Wheatland at (1W) Mountain View
(3W) Big Piney at (2E) Burns
Class 1A 11-man
(4W) Wind River at (1E) Big Horn
(3E) Southeast at (2W) Shoshoni
(4E) Wright at (1W) Cokeville
(3W) Rocky Mountain at (2E) Upton-Sundance
Class 1A six-man
(4E) Kaycee at (1W) Snake River
(3W) Farson at (2E) Hulett
(4W) Meeteetse at (1E) Hanna
(3E) Lingle at (2W) Burlington

Post updated 4:17 p.m. MDT Oct. 26 to reflect Saturday’s game and seedings in the 1A six-man bracket.


The final touches on the 2019 Wyoming high school football schedule are done.

The portion of the schedule set by the Wyoming High School Activities Association was released to schools during the statewide scheduling meeting in mid-November in Casper. Since then, schools have finalized dates and times and, in some cases, added games to their schedules where open weeks were available.

As expected, most of the 2019 schedule is a flip-flop of the 2018 schedule, with home and road locations switching places from 2018 to 2019 for most schools. However, a handful of games will be different for 2019, especially in nonconference games.

Class 3A, Class 2A, Class 1A 11-man and Class 1A six-man schools also have the option of scheduling Zero Week contests. Those will be updated as they are received from the schools. For now, only a small handful of schools have opted not to play in some kind of Zero Week game or scrimmage.

Saratoga will continue to play six-man and will take over the 1A six-man East Conference schedule originally held by Rock River. Rock River will not field a team in 2019; Saratoga will be ineligible for the six-man playoffs.

Encampment, which is tentatively scheduled to add a sub-varsity six-man team in 2019, is not on the schedule; the Tigers have yet to set up any games while waiting to see if the program will obtain final approval.

The 2019 schedule is available here. It will be updated with changes when received. Also, the 2019 schedules will start appearing on team pages on this site in the next couple weeks.


Here are the quarterfinal pairings for the 2018 Wyoming high school football season:

Class 4A
(8) Kelly Walsh at (1) Natrona
(5) Laramie at (4) Cheyenne East
(7) Cheyenne Central at (2) Thunder Basin
(6) Rock Springs at (3) Sheridan
Class 3A
(4E) Worland at (1W) Star Valley
(3W) Cody at (2E) Douglas
(4W) Evanston at (1E) Torrington
(3E) Lander at (2W) Jackson
Class 2A
(4W) Kemmerer at (1E) Buffalo
(3E) Wheatland at (2W) Greybull
(4E) Thermopolis at (1W) Mountain View
(3W) Big Piney at (2E) Glenrock
Class 1A 11-man
(4W) Wind River at (1E) Big Horn
(3E) Pine Bluffs at (2W) Shoshoni
(4E) Wright at (1W) Cokeville
(3W) Rocky Mountain at (2E) Upton-Sundance
Class 1A six-man
(4E) Hulett at (1W) Farson
(3W) Snake River at (2E) Kaycee
(4W) Burlington at (1E) Hanna
(3E) Guernsey at (2W) Meeteetse

Dates and kickoff times will be set by the WHSAA.