I’ve corrected Big Piney’s season record for 2004. That year, the Punchers were 10-1; I had given them credit for an 11-0 season, which wasn’t the case. The change is reflected on Big Piney’s team page and the overall standings pages.


Even before their first snap, the Rock River Longhorns are done.

Budget concerns in Albany County mean the Longhorns’ debut season in six-man football won’t happen, according to today’s Casper Star-Tribune.

Honestly, this isn’t a huge surprise. As optimistic as the five new schools had been, I figured at least one school wouldn’t get its team off the ground in time. I was hoping to be wrong in this assumption. Unfortunately, Rock River couldn’t put together the scratch for football.

Starting a team from the ground up is an expensive proposition — estimated at about $60,000 for the start-up costs alone, not counting costs for coaches and travel — and the timing, at least economically, couldn’t have been much worse.

With any luck, this will be the last time we hear about a team failing like this. Hopefully, the other four new programs don’t run into the same snags as they build up toward this fall.


I’ve made three quick updates today:

1. I added some all-state teams from 1965-70 to the all-state page. I couldn’t find very many, so what you see is what I have….

2. I’ve updated the Kelly Walsh-Rapid City (S.D.) Stevens game on Sept. 26, 1980, to reflect the right location. The game was in Casper, not Rapid City. Thanks to Frank to pointing out the error!

3. I found coaches for the 1995 season, and their names have been added on the team pages for Jackson, Newcastle and Hanna.


After putting together the coaching project (see below), I still have a few gaps I need to fill in. I’m trying to do most of these myself, but if you can help me out, especially with the schools that have big gaps, I’d appreciate it.

This list does not include the fact that I’m missing the names of coaches for basically every single defunct program, too. So… if you can find coaches for Albin, Arvada-Clearmont, Basin, Bow-Basin, Byron, St. Mary’s, Chugwater, Cowley, Dayton, Deaver-Frannie, Encampment, Farson, Glendo, Goshen Hole, Guernsey, Huntley, LaGrange, Manderson, Manville, Morton, North Big Horn, Pavillion, Ranchester, Reliance, St. Stephens, Snake River, Sunrise, Superior or Worland Institute, I will be glad to post those, as well.

I’m also missing first names for a ton of coaches, and if you can fill those in, that would be awesome. Take a look at the individual team pages to see where you might be able to help.

Here are the schools I’m missing coaches for and the years I need them for:

Burlington: 1958, 1998

Cokeville: All from 1951-79

Douglas: 1998

Green River: all from 1951-71

Greybull: 1951

Guernsey-Sunrise: All from 1963-66

Hanna: All from 1951-92, all from 1995-97

Hulett: 1955, 1961

Jackson: All from 1952-55, 1965, 1966, 1995, 1998

Lander: All from 1951-93

Lingle: All from 1951-69

Lyman: 1962, all from 1964-67, all from 1969-88

Meeteetse: 1987, 1998

Moorcroft: 1954, 1956

Mountain View: 1956, 1959, 1961, 1963, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1979

Newcastle: 1995

Pinedale: 1951, all from 1953-72

Sundance: 1955

Ten Sleep: All from 1957-64, all from 1972-93

Tongue River: All from 1956-64

Torrington: 1951, 1952, all from 1960-64, 1966

Wheatland: 1971 and 1973

Wyoming Indian: All from 1972-92


I wrote three stories this week at work relating to the upcoming changes in Wyoming high school football.

Sunday’s story was about how the gate at the state football championships in November is the WHSAA’s big unknown.

Monday’s story was about Laramie’s preparation for the title games.

Tuesday’s story was a progress report on the new six-man division.

I also wrote a short story about the Shrine Bowl and its commitment to stay in Casper.

Check them out.


All-state teams from 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 have been added to the all-state page.

The 1972 and 1973 Class A all-state teams are MIA.

I also tried to find the all-state teams from 1971 but came up completely, utterly empty. I’m afraid that 1971 might be some kind of magical cut-off for all-state teams but that’s probably just my paranoia. So if you have one of those missing all-state Class A teams from ’72 or ’73, or anything from 1971, let me know.


I’ve typed up everything I have in regards to Wyoming high school football coaches. If you’ll look on the individual team pages now, each season will have the year, the record and (now) the coach listed. I’m still missing the bulk of the coaching records for Cokeville, Hanna, Lander, Ten Sleep and Wyoming Indian, as none of those four programs had their coaching lists as part of the now-famous 1994 Shrine Bowl program (see below).

Other schools, including Green River, Guernsey-Sunrise, Jackson, Lingle, Lyman, Pinedale, Tongue River and Torrington, have big gaps of at least four consecutive years where their coaches are still lost in the annals. If you are thumbing through the listings and you see a name you can add/correct, please let me know: pschmiedt@yahoo.com.

Also, I’m still missing all the coaching records for the now-defunct programs, as the 1994 Shrine Bowl program only listed current programs (which is why Hanna wasn’t listed, because they didn’t field a team in 1993).

It’s yet another layer to my ever-growing project here, but I’m getting a kick out of it. Check out your team’s page to make sure I’m right. 🙂


So my latest little side project is compiling all the coaches from 1994-2008. I’m already pretty much set from 1936-93 (see the blog post below this one), so now my task is bringing the list up to date.

Thanks to the resources I have available to me at work, it’s been pretty easy to compile the list. However, I don’t know who was coaching at the following schools in the following years:

Douglas 1998

Jackson 1998

Newcastle 1994, 1995 and 1998

Greybull 1994

Burlington 1998

Guernsey 1994

Meeteetse 1998

If there’s any way anyone can help me fill in those questions, I’d appreciate it. Just comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail to pschmiedt@yahoo.com.

Hopefully, within the next couple months, I’ll find some time to start posting the coaches for each season along with the teams’ season records.