We’ve got several old Shrine Bowl programs floating around the office, and since I’m working on a Shrine Bowl side project (more on that in a later post), I started thumbing through some of the old programs we have.

When I grabbed the 1994 program and started flipping pages…. well, my heart nearly stopped.

There it was: Year-by-year results for every team in the state, from 1936 through 1993. With the record, the coach and special achievements all listed.

For some moments in life, there are no words.

This was, without a doubt, one of my top two or three moments in the history of my little project. I literally started shaking. I had trouble catching my breath.

This is simply amazing.

I don’t know who went to all this work. I don’t know why this work got done, then got buried in one year’s Shrine Bowl program. I don’t know how I missed it the first time around and I don’t know how no one brought this to my attention sooner.

But, for now, all that matters is that I have it.

Now, thanks to this mine of new information, you’ll be seeing the names of coaches posted alongside teams’ season results. Hopefully, within the next couple months, most of this effort will be complete.

Clearly, I am indebted to whoever took the time to compile these in the first place. I don’t know who did it, although the head honcho of the Shrine Bowl back then, former Natrona coach Art Hill, probably played a big part in it. I owe him, or whoever led this compilation effort, a big thanks… and probably a fancy steak dinner with all the fixings.

So here it is, almost 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I’m way, way, way too excited for all the good that happened today.


The site was down for a couple hours this morning as I switched Web hosts. I made the process much more complicated than it needed to be, but thanks to my wife’s troubleshooting expertise, the site is back up and mostly back to normal.

I lost a couple things in the transfer, namely blog comments. If you’ve left a comment on a post here in the past, it’s gone.

Also, some of the blog posts on here are in a weird order…. mostly because I had to re-load all my blog post one-by-one and not all of them had the right timestamp on them.

I changed Web hosts to hopefully make the site less hacker-friendly. I was hacked a half-dozen times in the last two and a half years with my old host, so I’m hoping this new one will work out better and more securely. That said, if you see anything weird or out of place, let me know at pschmiedt@yahoo.com.

Now I can get back to the fun stuff — the football.