Two consistent elements constituted my postgame Friday nights during my four years of high school football:

The first was a shower.

The second was “watching scores”: Waiting until George Kay came on my TV screen at 10:25 p.m. to show the final scores from high school football games across the state. If I could help it, I never missed it.

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and a hundred other ways of finding live scores throughout the night, the concept of “watching scores” seems somewhat antiquated now.

However, I think the idea of broadcasting consistent statewide high school football updates has merit — which is why I am going to launch the livestream this season.

I had a dry run in Zero Week and was intrigued by the possibilities. But for it to work most effectively, I’ll need your help with score updates.

So… Throughout the night, if you’re at a game, please tag @wyomingfootball in some score update tweets, or post score updates on the Facebook page. And if you’re not at a game, join the livestream. Chat Wyoming high school football with me in real time.

The livestream will start at 8 p.m. MDT. Come watch scores with me.