With Natrona and Sheridan facing off for the 4A title, I figured it would be appropriate that the trivia for this game would look back at the last time these two teams played each other for the title — 1996.

That year, Natrona beat Sheridan 7-0. The only score of the game came in the second quarter on a pass from one Natrona player to another. Can you tell me who scored Natrona’s touchdown? And, for a bonus point, can you tell me who threw the pass?

Guesses as comments, hints, etc., you know how this is done by now…


Cokeville and Lusk are squaring off for the 1A 11-man championship, so that must mean it’s time for some more trivia! Let’s stay on coaches.

OK, so if you follow the site at all, you know that Cokeville coach Todd Dayton is the winningest coach in Wyoming football history, with 252 victories entering today’s title game. My question: Which coach, since 1933, has piled up more LOSSES than any other coach in state history?

Post guesses as comments; each wrong guess earns a hint.


With Big Horn and Thermopolis facing off in about an hour and a half for the 2A championship, I’m ready to pose another trivia question… and this one is about the Rams’ history.

The Big Horn football program started in 1939 with Lee Straley as the coach. Straley coach the Rams in their first three seasons, but in 1942, Marvin Nottingham was named the program’s mentor. But there’s something unique about Nottingham. So I want you to fill in the blank for me: Marvin Nottingham is the only coach in Wyoming history to _____________________.

Post your guesses as comments below. For every wrong answer, I give a hint. Good luck….


OK, with Buffalo and Douglas playing right now… trivia time! Back in 2008, these two teams played for the title as well, and in that game — won by Douglas 34-21 — a certain Douglas player scored three touchdowns. Who was that player?

Post your guesses here…


To keep you entertained while the football games keep ME entertained, I will be all over War Memorial Stadium this weekend. I’ll be joining the blog with my old employers at trib.com, so if you get a chance, stop by the live chat and say hi.

As for THIS blog, well… it’s trivia time. I’ll post one trivia question per game; winner(s) get bragging rights. Post your answers as comments to this post; for every wrong guess, I give a hint.

We’re about an hour and 45 minutes away from our first championship game of the weekend, the six-man title game between Hanna and Snake River. Both teams are from Carbon County, marking the fifth championship game in state history that has pitted two teams from the same county. My question: Name the other four games — the year, the classification and the two teams that played each other.

Let the guessing begin.