I spent most of my free time on Saturday up in Kaycee, watching the hometown Buckaroos play the Hulett Red Devils in what turned out to be a pretty fantastic game of six-man football.

Oh, and I brought my camera, too.

I uploaded my photos to my Flickr account and then added them to the Wyoming-football.com group pool. The cool thing about that group is that it’s open to the public, and when you add photos to the pool, they become part of the slideshow that now graces this site’s front page.

So next time you take some photos at a game, please feel free to upload them to the Flickr group! I am excited to see what our shutterbugs across the state can come up with.

Below, I’ve added one of my favorite photos from Saturday: Hulett senior Austin Snook taking control of the huddle.

Hulett's Austin Snook

Hulett's Austin Snook takes control of the huddle during Saturday's game against Kaycee.


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Wyoming-football.com now has its own group on Flickr. All you have to do is upload your Wyoming high school photos to your Flickr account, join the group, then post the photos in the group pool. I’ve added a few of my own to get the album going, but I don’t want to be the only one uploading photos….

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