Classic rivalries live on forever.

Like, say, cats vs. dogs. Or cats vs. birds.

For these two classic feline rivalries, at least in terms of Wyoming football, the cats are 1-1.

That’s because in games involving cat mascots, the cats lead the series against the dogs but are behind in the series against the birds.

To clarify: 16 Wyoming high schools with football in their history have, or have had, cats as their mascots. This includes Panthers (Arvada-Clearmont, Cokeville, Manville, Powell, Saratoga, Wright); Tigers (Encampment, Lander, Lusk, Rock Springs); Bobcats (Basin, Thermopolis, Upton); Bearcats (Douglas); Cougars (Wind River) and Wildcats (Albin).

When those teams go up against the teams with dog mascots, the cats usually escape with the victory. The dog teams — Wolves (Green River, Moorcroft, NSI), Bulldogs (Lovell, Sundance, Wheatland), Huskies (Burlington) and Coyotes (Carpenter) — trail in their series with the cats 525-369-27.

When the hunted becomes the hunter, though, the cats aren’t quite as fortunate. Against the bird teams — Eagles (Byron, Glendo, Heart Mountain, Lyman, St. Stephens, Tongue River), Thunderbirds (Cheyenne East) and Hawks (Hawk Springs) — the cats trail 172-181-5.

And you have now completed reading what might be the most ridiculous post I’ve ever put on this blog.


One Thought on “Cats vs. dogs and birds, in Wyoming football — a breakdown

  1. Haha good to see that my Lyman Eagles are in the winning group.

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