Two Jackson players with record-setting years now sit at the top of Wyoming’s unofficial single-season passing and receiving yard record lists.

Including Week 0 efforts, Jackson’s Sadler Smith finished his season with 3,459 passing yards. Teammate Nate Keipert finished with 1,210 receiving yards. Both marks are unofficial single-season records for Wyoming.

Formerly, the records were held by Campbell County’s Dalton Holst for passing (3,190 yards in 2015) and Cheyenne East’s Chance Aumiller (1,121 yards in 2019).

Jackson went 9-3 this season and finished as Class 3A runners-up.

Smith also made the top 10 this season for single-game passing, with his 429-yard effort against Pocatello, Idaho, now third overall.

Cheyenne East’s Garet Schlabs moved into sixth in single-game receiving yards with 239 yards against Campbell County this season.

I also added sections in the individual records for nine-man and six-man games and seasons. Nine-man records are top five and date back to 2020 only. Six-man records are top 10s and date back to 2009, although full six-man season statistics were not available until 2012. However, some single-game records are incomplete due to lack of fully available game-by-game statistics. I will fill in the missing information as it becomes available.


Some updates to the site:

I added David Jones’ 1982 rushing season to the individual records listings. The back from Saratoga had 1,976 rushing yards that year, good for ninth all-time.

I also added a few new first names to the all-state listings from 1920-39. I’m still missing more than 100 first names, though, so if you can help filling in those gaps, let me know.

I also added the 2020 Casper Star-Tribune’s Super 25 first team to the Super 25 listings. Thanks to Jack Nowlin at the Star-Tribune for providing the details necessary to make that happen!

I also added a page for the Wyoming-Nebraska Six-man Shootout game, listing game results, coaches and players for each year.

I also added a page for Wyoming high school football players who played at least one NFL regular-season snap. This information was previously on my blog, but I wanted to give it a more permanent home.


Nine performances from the 2020 season have been added to the individual records page.

Two top-10 passing performances were turned in this year from the Capital City. Cheyenne East’s Graedyn Buell threw for 3,065 yards, second-best all-time, while Cheyenne Central’s Andrew Cummins threw for 2,369 yards, 10th-best.

Jackson’s Brody Hasenack ran for 2,093 yards this year, a mark good for fifth all-time.

Cheyenne Central’s Andrew Johnson finished with 1,050 receiving yards, ninth-best all-time.

Finally, Torrington’s Cody Pierce finished with 256 defensive points, a mark tied for 10th-best all-time.

Four single-game performances also made the top 10. Hasenack had two — a 350-yard rushing performance against Riverton in the regular season, sixth-best on the list, and a 344-yard game against Riverton in the playoffs, which ranks ninth.

Mountain View’s Ashton Schofield had a 220-yard receiving game against Lyman, which ranks ninth on that list.

I also added two other games to the individual records page. Casey Bramlet’s 402-yard passing game from 1998, which I stumbled upon while doing some other research, was added. I also added Matt Hartford’s 243-yard receiving game from 2000 to the list. Thanks to Danny Shorb for letting me know about that game!

All-state updates

Also, thanks to the continuing research of “Stat Rat” Jim Craig, I added first names for the honorable mention all-state selections on the 1952 team. Thanks Jim for the help!

I also went a little crazy with the all-state teams from the 1920s and 1930s and added as many first names as I could find — which was probably close to 30. I’m still missing about the same amount, so if you can help provide those first names, let me know at

Game updates

Thanks to a tip from Shane Stinson, I fixed the score between Douglas and Belle Fourche, S.D., from this season. It was 47-7, not 47-21. Thanks to Shane for the heads up!

I also noted that the Nov. 25, 1915, game between Cheyenne Central and the Colorado State JV was canceled.

All of these updates are reflected on all the relevant pages.


Two players set unofficial single-season statistical records for Wyoming high school football in 2019 — one breaking the single-season receiving yards mark and the other setting a new standard for defensive points.

Meanwhile, three Class 4A quarterbacks finished in the top five all-time in passing yards.

The individual records page lists the unofficial top 10 performances in a variety of single-game and single-season categories. This year’s updates were based on final season statistics posted at Wyopreps.

Season records set in 2019:

  • Cheyenne East’s Chance Aumiller set a single-season record with 1,121 receiving yards.
  • Wright’s Dax Yeradi also set a season record with 331 defensive points. Thunder Basin’s Caleb Driskill finished third with 293 defensive points and Cokeville’s Nate Barnes was sixth all-time with 287.
  • Cheyenne East’s Graedyn Buell finished second all-time with 2,989 passing yards. Cheyenne Central’s Dawson Macleary was close behind in third all-time with 2,621 yards, while Thunder Basin’s Mason Hamilton was fifth all-time with 2,561 yards.
  • Jackson’s Jeydon Cox finished fifth all-time with 2,038 rushing yards. He’s the first Wyoming running back to finish a career with multiple 2,000-yard seasons.

Single-game records set in 2019 include the following:

  • Buell notched the seventh-best passing game of all time with a 390-yard passing game against Natrona on Sept. 27. In the same game, Aumiller finished with 237 receiving yards, good for fifth-best all-time.
  • On the same day, Hamilton threw for 382 yards against Gillette, 10th-best all time.
  • Also on Sept. 27, Burns’ Boe Clayson ran for 339 yards against Wheatland, tied for eighth-best all-time.
  • Big Horn’s Will Pelissier turned in the ninth-best receiving performance in state history with a 214-yard effort against Southeast.

Keep in mind that these listings are unofficial but as complete as they can be at this point. As always, I’m interested in hearing about games or seasons that should be on the records list that I’ve missed. If you’ve got any such games or seasons to add, let me know by leaving a comment here or emailing me at


The 2015 all-state teams and the single-season individual records have been added to their respective pages on the site.

(Unofficially) The season had the top two passing seasons of all-time: Dalton Holst of Gillette threw for 3,190 yards and Blake Godwin of Sheridan threw for 2,471 yards. Jackson’s Theo Dawson finished with the second-best rushing season of all time with 2,283 yards. Madden Pikula of Gillette had 1,014 yards receiving, eighth-best all-time. And three players — Tongue River’s Brennan Kutterer, Wheatland’s Josh Calvert and Southeast’s David Becker — finished in the top five in defensive points all-time.

On the all-state teams, Gillette’s Zach Taylor, Meeteetse’s Carter Johnson, Pine Bluffs’ Kyle Jeffres and Thermopolis’ Tyler Cornwell joined the rare club of three-time all-state selections.



Zack Rosette’s 16-catch performance for Rock Springs in the Tigers’ 2010 season finale against Evanston has been added to the individual records page for Wyoming’s best single-game performance.

Rosette’s 16 catches were for 153 yards — short of the yardage top 10 but the state’s (unofficial) best single-game performance as far as number of catches.

Thanks to Tony Yerkovich for the help with this record!

As always, if you think you have a single-game or single-season performance that should be listed with those individual records, let me know:


Gillette’s Cale Miessler and Big Horn’s Christian Mayer set unofficial total yardage records in 2014, Miessler breaking the state’s unofficial passing yards record and Mayer the receiving yards record.

Miessler threw for 2,319 yards in 2014, breaking the unofficial record of 2,241 set by Wheatland’s Casey Bramlet in 1998.

Mayer had 1,116 receiving yards, breaking the unofficial record set by Central’s Josh Borm in 2010 of 1,111.

Rawlins’ Jace Allard placed third, behind Miessler and Bramlet, for most passing yards in a season with 2,238 yards this season. His teammate, Isaac Jefferson, is now fifth on the single-season receiving chart with his 1,067 yards.

Gillette’s Talon Nelson finished with 1,097 receiving yards, good for third all-time, unofficially.

Mountain View’s Cade Covington finished the season with 229 defensive points, good for ninth all-time.

Allard’s single-game best of 404 yards against Green River this season is unofficially the fifth-best single-game passing performance in state history. Cheyenne South’s Austin Barker threw for 384 yards against Cheyenne Central, good for seventh-best in a single game.

Greybull’s Wyatt Nielson had the best receiving game of the year, 210 yards versus Big Piney, unofficially good for sixth all-time in a single game.

See the full list of top 10 single-game and single-season performances here. If you know of missing games or seasons, please email me at and include in your email any and all possible documentation to verify the record claim.


Single-game records for rushing, passing and receiving yards have been added to the individual records page here at

Records for now are limited to 11-man games, but contain top 10 individual records for rushing, passing and receiving yards, as well as the overall single-game record for catches.

So far, the top single-game performances I have turned up include:

Rushing: Jordan Roberts, Sheridan, 345 yards vs. Evanston on Sept. 16, 2011

Passing: Ward Anderson, Wheatland, 523 yards vs. Riverton on Oct. 22, 2010

Receiving: Cody Emrick, Sundance, 255 yards (on five catches) vs. Lusk on Sept. 29, 2007

To see the top 10 individual performances, visit the individual records page.

As always, if you think you have a record that should be added to the listings, you can let me know via email at Send some documentation along with your email and I’ll gladly update the records!


For the first time, has started to compile and track individual Wyoming high school football records.

The preliminary results of the individual record compilation is available here.

Currently available statistical records have been used to create the lists.

Individual records for Wyoming high school football vary greatly from school to school and from year to year. All records contained should be considered unofficial and incomplete. To submit an individual for placement among a top 10, please email site manager Patrick Schmiedt at and include in your email any and all possible documentation to verify the record claim.

For now, individual records are limited to one season records only. Individual game records for rushing, passing and receiving yards can be submitted, but will not be posted until a representative sample can be obtained. Career records are not being tracked at this point due to their difficulty to authenticate.

Records are for 11-man football only.